Guideline & Policy for Paper Reading Report

Everyone should choose one of the papers in the list, read it for 1+ times, and write a report (1~2 page).

Before reading the paper, I strongly recommend you read this essay on how to read papers and even the references therein.

You could imagine yourself being the reviewer of this paper. The report should provide high-quality comments about the paper. If you have never done review before, you can find some examples here and more from OpenReview. For example, you can see the public review comments after clicking any paper in ICLR 2021. Of course, since not all reviewers are doing a great job, you should do some filtering and learn from good ones.

In particular, the report should roughly contain three parts:

  1. Paper Summarization [>= 400 words]
    • Briefly summarize the paper, e.g., the problem setup and the main (both technical and empirical) contributions.
  2. Pros & Cons [>= 400 words]
    • Describe the strength and the weakness. Typical criteria include: soundness of the claims (theoretical grounding, empirical evaluation), significance and novelty of the contribution, and clarity of the writing.
  3. Take-home messages and additional comments [>= 400 words]
    • Summarize important things that you learned
    • Raise questions you have
    • Propose suggestions about how to improve the work