Guideline & Policy for Presentation Peer Review

Students should attend other students’ presentations and write peer-review report for 3 presentations. I will randomly assign 3 presentations to each student. This is a way to check the participation for me. But more importantly, it is a way to provide useful feedback to your classmates. Students will be graded on the quality of the reviews they provide.

The format of each review should again has three parts:

  1. Summarization [25%, 3-5 sentences]
    • Briefly summarize what the presentation is about.
  2. Pros & Cons [25%, 3-5 sentences for Pros & 25%, 3-5 sentences for Cons]
    • Describe the strength and the weakness. Typical criteria include: soundness of the claims (theoretical grounding, empirical evaluation), significance and novelty of the contribution, and clarity of the writing.
  3. Take-home messages and additional comments [25%, 3-5 sentences]
    • Summarize important things that you learned
    • Raise questions you have
    • Propose suggestions about how to improve the work