Guideline & Policy for Project Presentation

The presentation is about explaining your ideas clearly and concisely, and is only 5 minutes long. If you don’t yet have many results to show, it is 100% OK to simply explain what you’re planning to do and why.

  1. Motivate and define the problem: 20%
    • Why is this problem important? What new thing will we be able to learn if you succeed?
  2. Briefly mention related work: 20%
    • You can leave this till the end, if you like.
  3. Explain at least one the main ideas of your project clearly: 20%
    • It’s enjoyable and a good use of time to listen to presentations if they also educate the audience.
  4. Show a draft of main figure: 10%
    • Or show some sort of visualization of the main idea.
  5. Explain planned experiments or show results: 20%
    • Try to explain what we might learn from these experiments.
  6. Finish under time: 10%
    • I will cut you off if you go beyond the time limit (will be announced later)!