Guideline & Policy for Project Report

The idea is that this project report should be a manageable amount of work, but that if you want to turn your project into a research paper, everything in the project report will need to be done anyways. If you feel that your project won’t fit into the criteria, please talk to me. There are many ways to make contributions to a field!

Novelty (20%)

Novelty is graded based on a sliding scale and is of course somewhat subjective, but here are a few grading guidelines.

Length (5%)

It should be 6 to 8 pages, not including appendices or bibliography. Don’t be afraid to keep the text short and to the point, and to include large illustrative figures.

Code & Appendix (15%)

You should submit the compressed file (e.g., in zip format) of PDF and code unless you are doing a pure theoretic research project. If that is the case, you should make sure you submit the appendix that include all the proof. You can include as many proofs, extra details, experiments, etc. as you want in the appendices.

Abstract (5%)

It should summarize the main idea of the project and its contributions.

Introduction (5%)

It should clearly state the problem being addressed and why it is important.

It should clearly distinguish what your proposed contribution from previous literature.

Model/Method (20%)

The idea is to make your paper more accessible, especially to readers who are starting by skimming your paper. Here are a few important tips:

Experiments (20%)

It should contain one or more from the following list:

Conclusion & Future Work (5%)

It should consist of the main takeaways of your research project. It should also include a discussion on the limitations and potential future directions to improve.