Thank you for your interest in joining my group! I often receive inquiries from prospective students. However, there are too many to respond individually. Below are answers to common questions.

How to apply as a student?

If you'd like to do a Master's or PhD with me, you can apply either through the ECE department or the CS department, and list me as a potential advisor in your application. For CS applicants, since I need to co-supervise students with another professor in CS department, please mention at least one more professor who shares similar research interests with me.

If you directly send me an email, I probably won't reply unless you describe the research question concretely, and include your CV, transcript, and one of your research papers if applicable. If you put "[hparg]", written backwards, in your email subject, I'll know that you've read this page.

What about visiting?

Yes, I am happy to host some curious and self-motivated visiting students. Please email me directly with your CV and transcript. Note that each of my projects typically requires at least a six-month time commitment.

How to apply as a postdoc?

Sorry that I currently do not take any postdocs. If I were to recruit any in the future, I would update it here.

How do you evaluate applicants?

Technically, I evaluate applicants based on math and programming skills. Please indicate relevant course grades, competition awards, and publications in top-tier conferences (e.g., NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV) in your CV.

What if I'm just getting started?

I do recommend a few books I read when I started my journey in machine learning and computer vision: A more detailed book list can be found here.

Good luck in your pursuit of graduate studies, wherever it takes you!

Thanks to Richard Zemel and David Duvenaud for this page.